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What is a garden village? How can garden villages help the housing crisis?

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The media has documented the UK’s housing crisis on many occasions. With both journalists and politicians raising the issue, could new garden villages be the answer? Here, I investigate if these villages would have regional implications and what they might offer for new buyers. What is a garden village? Simply put, garden villages are pieces...
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Surrey property: Ways to get up the property ladder

Property is one of the best investments you can go for, and we give Surrey residents some specific advice. From Help to Buy to shared ownership, we explore the various options home buyers may take to climb their way up the Surrey property ladder. Help to Buy: Equity Loan This an extremely popular government scheme to...
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Surrey building surveyor case: Edwardian cottage burst pipe in roof space

One of our Surrey building surveyors carried out a building survey for a Edwardian cottage, in which there was an extensive amount of dampness. We tested for damp (which we do in all  building surveys Surrey) and assessed the property for repair. There was also another significant defect in rotten timber windows in which there was...
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