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Spooky property

6 Spookiest Properties in London

This Halloween, we thought we’d share the six spookiest and most haunted properties to visit in and around London. Read on for our countdown.

6. Sutton House

Sutton House - haunted property

Located in Hackney, this Tudor house was constructed in 1535 by an advisor of Henry VIII called Ralph Sadlier. It had then become the home to various people before it was abandoned and taken over by several ghosts.

But why is this property haunted?

The property was renovated in the 1990s and is now open for visitors. During the old building’s restorations, a student claimed he saw the ghost known as ‘White Lady’.The student had supposedly woken up to see her floating over him in a dress of blue.

Legend also says that you can hear dogs barking through the night – dogs that belong to a John Machell, who lived in the house for eight years in the 1550s.

But that’s not all that is spooky…

If you bring dogs into this property, dogs become stiff and all their attentions are turned to the staircase. What could be there, we wonder?

5. The Langham Hotel

The Langham Hotel - spookiest hotel

While many think of this as a swanky hotel located by Regent’s Park in Marylebone, it is in fact known to be haunted, spooking guests throughout 333 rooms.

The property was built in the 1860s, costing £300,000. The haunted hotel had a big clientele with great names staying as guests such as Napoleon III, Mark Twain and Oscar Wile.

Among the 333 rooms, legend says that one room is haunted as of 1973. A BBC Radio stayed in the room and he had woken up to find a glowing silhouette of a Victorian man floating gliding inside the room.

4. The Viaduct Tavern

The Viaduct Tavern - haunted pub

Built on the foundations of an old prison in Holborn, the haunted Viaduct Tavern was constructed in 1875.

The cells of the old prison are now used as the pub’s cellar. Pub staff say that the occasion trip needed in the cellar is often dreaded. With locked doors, unknown noises and flickering lights, the pub’s haunted cellar is the epitome of a spooky cliché.

What did the reports actually say?

In 1996, the pub manager had said he was in the cellar cleaning one morning when the door suddenly slammed closed and locked itself and the lights turned off.
Unable to exit the cellar, he yelled for help and his wife went down to the cellar. But he opened it easily as if it wasn’t locked at all.

Then, three years later, two electricians claimed some ghostly activity. While working in the cellar, one electrician felt taps on his shoulders. He had initially thought his colleague was joking around, but the other electrician denied it. Then, the pair saw something beyond belief…

The electricians claim that they saw a rolled-up carpet levitate and then drop down. Now, if that did in fact happened… those ghost prisoners must be down there.

3. The Spaniards Inn

The Spaniards Inn

This quaint pub in Hamstead has made the list because it’s said there’s a body is buried in the pub garden… Ergh.

After its construction over 400 years ago, the building was turned into an inn by landowners, Francesco and Juan Porero.

The pair had fallen in love with the same woman so, as quite typical in that time, they fought in a duel. Juan had lost the fight and was killed by his opponent, who then chose to bury him in the garden. The ghost of Juan still haunts the inn today.

Then, in the 1700s, the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin was a local at the inn. If you’re unaware of who this is – he was a famous criminal who was eventually hung.

The ghost of Dick Turpin is said to also haunt The Spaniards Inn along with one of his victims.

2. Bruce Castle Museum

Bruce Castle Museum

Based in Haringey, Bruce Castle Museum has a very spooky history making it number two on our list of most haunted properties.

It’s said that on dreary cold nights in November, you may see the ghost of Lady Constantia Lucy through the castle windows. So…

In the 1700s, Lady Constantia Lucy had lived in the castle with her family but her home had been a nightmare with her apparent deep depression and her husband had kept her locked up in a room.

She had committed suicide by throwing herself from the balcony while holding her child.

The castle is now open to the public to visit and there are documents and archive images of local history.

1. The Ten Bells

The Ten Bells

Ranked the number one spookiest building in London, this pub is based in East London, Spitalfields.

The Ten Bells was once called Jack the Ripper. We’re sure you can figure out why…

In 1996, the pub landlord said that the property had been haunted by the ghost of Annie Chapman. Can you guess who she is?

That’s right… one of Jack the Ripper’s victims in 1888. She had been killed and mutilated by the mystery serial killer… and apparently, she’s now back.

Not only are there claims from staff members of seeing phantoms, they have also recorded strange and unexplainable noises.

So… will you visit any of these places this Halloween season? Do you believe the stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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