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Listed buildings and conservation areas

What are listed buildings? Listed buildings are buildings with cultural, historic (whether this is cultural, militarily or are associated with important people) or architectural (in terms of architectural design, decoration and craftsmanship) importance. A list of these buildings is kept protecting and conserving these buildings so that they can be preserved for future generations. Anyone...
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What is a homebuyer’s report?

A RICS HomeBuyer Report, or a homebuyer’s report, is a survey recommended for home buyers in the UK. In March 2010, it replaced the Home Buyer Survey and Valuation. Why do I need a homebuyer’s report? A homebuyer’s report helps home buyers make an informed decision regarding their house search. The report will identify potential...
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What is asbestos? Dangers and UK regulations

Many buildings in the UK that were constructed in the past have used asbestos due to its desirable properties. The main benefit of using asbestos: Inexpensive Insulation Resilient and durable For insulation purposes, asbestos is especially great and insulating heat and absorbing sound, alongside being fire resistant. However, only up until relatively recently the effects...
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