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Party Wall Survey Kingston

Party Wall Survey Kingston – Procedure

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Party Wall Survey Kingston Team at Prinsegate

Party Wall Survey Kingston

Prinsegate’s party wall survey Kingston and Surrey activity includes acting as a building owner’s agent. This means serving notices on his or her behalf. Notices shall cease to have effect if the work to which they relate has not begun within 12 months. Their effect can also cease if the work is not prosecuted with due diligence.

A building owner serves notice because this is a requirement of the Act. Neighbours need to be notified of work which may affect their property. Their response and involvement can help avoid any costly work which might be required after completion, particularly if the work is illegal. The other reason why serving notice is important is to avoid an injunction being filed, which can be costly in terms of both time and money. A notice needs to meet certain requirements for it to be valid, which is why you should have a chartered party wall surveyor carry out this work for you.

Notice Duration

If the notices are dissented, a party wall survey is then required. Part of the party wall survey Kingston services include producing an Award. However, the party wall award will give a reasonable life expectancy for works to take place and this is usually within 12 months. Further awards may also be served to ensure that the process is not brought to a halt if additional matters need dealing with. These are called addendums.


Usually, an addendum is not required, but sometimes the surveyor(s) need to set further requirements or options. This can include the building owner needing to remedy any damage he or she has caused. It may also be that costs need to be awarded in respect of compensation. Addendums and awards are served towards the end of the party wall process.

Appointing Owners

Our Party Wall Survey Kingston Team in Surrey often experiences a lack of feedback from adjoining owners who have had notices served on them. People often feel that if they ignore something, it will go away. It is only when a reminder letter is sent out to them that they quickly get in touch. This is because, under s.10(4), we will appoint another surveyor to act on their behalf if they do not make the appointment.

This mechanism in the Act is very important, because it allows a building owner to conduct his works efficiently and without delay. If the building owner’s surveyor serves the appropriate notices at the required times, there is no reason why party wall awards should take a considerable amount of time.

Agreed Surveyor

Upon finally getting in touch with a neighbour, a party wall survey Kingston service from Prinsegate is often requested from us as “agreed surveyor”. This is because we explain the situation very simply and clearly to them. Given that we must act impartially and can only administer the rights as set out in the Act,  there is no conflict of interest. The process can also be more efficient when dealing with one “agreed” party wall surveyor. There is a lower cost burden placed on the building owner, then.

Party Wall Act

It is important that the Party Act is followed in a strict manner and should always be referred to on every issue in respect of party wall. There are a lot of misconceptions in this area of work and one should always endeavour to refer back to the legislation. The Act is clear on what is allowed and what isn’t. There are few grey areas; however, additional guidance and case law is always worth reading up on. A copy of the Act can be found here:

DIY Party Wall Survey Kingston

Sometimes we come across building owners who choose to serve notices by their own hand. Unfortunately, many of these notices are incorrectly set out. They are also not accompanied with plans, meaning that the party wall procedure must start again. Furthermore, there are different notices pertaining to different types of work. These include excavating, building walls, and undertaking work on existing party walls. It is important for a party wall surveyor to scrutinise the architectural plans and confirm exactly what work is being carried out. This determines the appropriate notice to be served on any adjoining owner and the party wall survey.

Party Wall Survey Kingston

Schedule of Condition

Furthermore, if a schedule of condition is not conducted from the outset, you might be blamed for potential damage. A schedule of condition involves the surveyors inspecting and recording any existing defects present in the neighbour’s property. All owners receive a copy of this document, which proves whether any damage present in a neighbour’s property is or is not the result of the notifiable works. This can prevent a lot of arguments and conflict. Surveyors can easily determine whether or not the building owner is liable for the damage accordingly. The neighbour can receive compensation or choose to have the building owner’s contractor remedy the damage.

Professional Party Wall Survey Kingston Services

We always recommend that, if you intend on carrying out building work, you get in touch with a chartered surveyor with experience in party wall matters. Prinsegate can complete a party wall survey Kingston service. We have had great results with many owners. Our unique approach has shown to calm many heated situations between neighbours. Party wall matters are more than simply administering rights. There is an element of diplomacy involved and managing relations between owners!

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